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What is the first step?

Design is the first and most important step – learn more about DESIGN

What is the warranty?

Landscape Warranty: All properly cared for trees and shrubs are warranted for one year after planted with a onetime replacement policy; perennials, grasses, tender shrubs or trees (crape myrtle, pieris, others as specified), and roses are warranted through the growing season in which they are planted. Discounted material, annuals, bulbs, and transplants carry no warranty. Any plant which has died or is suffering due to acts of nature or negligence are not warranted. Failure to pay within stated terms of invoice voids warranty. Warranty is non-transferable.

Hardscape Warranty: All properly maintained concrete paver and segmental wall installations are warranted for two years against workmanship. Natural stone installations carry no warranty. Built structures including pergolas, decks, etc. are warranted for one year. Some exclusions apply. Failure to pay within stated terms of invoice voids warranty. Warranty is non-transferable.

Does Inside Out Design actually install the work?

YES! We install all pavers, concrete wall block, landscaping, lighting and much more! There are very few services that are subcontracted throughout the entire project, which gives us complete quality control.

Does IOD sell plants and mulch?

Sorry, we are a service provider, NOT a retail facility. Wholesale orders and large retail orders contact Ryan ( for assistance.

Does IOD offer lawn or mowing services?

No, but we do offer garden maintenance and clean up as often as you wish.

Does IOD offer interior design services?

No. Andrea started the company as interior space planning and landscape design, but the company is now solely landscape and hardscape design-build. We do however, work with your interior designers and architects to make sure your outdoor space is a seamless extension of your home and also have designed and constructed home additions to complement the new outdoor space.

Does IOD grow their plant material?

No. We buy almost all of our ball and burlap trees and shrubs from local Kentucky growers within 60 miles of Frankfort. This means higher quality, soil compatibility, supporting local economy and farmers, and reduced shipping fuel and costs. We also purchase regionally and locally grown annuals, perennials, ornamental grasses, and shrubs when they are available. Shrub containers and perennials are also purchased out of state because the supply and variety is limited in Kentucky, but we make sure we bring you the highest quality from the very best growers! The other benefit of not growing our own material is that we can focus on what we do best AND we do not have a stock supply of certain plant material that has to be used over and over again, making your project one of a kind.

What is the relationship with Wilson Nurseries?

We get asked this question regularly. Andrea’s dad, Charlie Wilson, started Wilson Nurseries in 1979. Andrea worked there through middle and high school as well as after graduating college as a landscape design assistant. Michael worked there for 13 years as crew leader and eventually Vice President. In fact, this is where Michael and Andrea’s love story began. Charlie was killed in a tragic car accident in 2003 and the Wilson family is no longer affiliated with the nursery.