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We use the highest quality products available for your outdoor space project.  We value the long term life of your project, therefore use reputable suppliers and growers. We buy almost all of our ball and burlap trees and shrubs from local Kentucky growers within 60 miles of Frankfort. This means higher quality, soil compatibility, supporting local economy and farmers, and reduced shipping fuel and costs. We also purchase regionally and locally grown annuals, perennials, ornamental grasses, and shrubs when they are available. Shrub containers and perennials are also purchased out of state because the supply and variety is limited in Kentucky, but we make sure we bring you the highest quality from the very best growers! The other benefit of not growing our own material is that we can focus on what we do best AND we do not have a stock supply of certain plant material that has to be used over and over again, making your project one of a kind.

For hardscape projects, we also use locally and regionally produced products from local and regional suppliers.  Here are just some of the great products we use:

  • Techo-Bloc Pavers, Wall, Cast Concrete block
  • Belgard Pavers, Wall, Cast Concrete block