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We are committed to sustainability on our jobs, in our operations, and in our lives.  Sustainability is more than being environmentally friendly.  It is an efficient way of operations and life, that allow us to maximize our resources to sustain business and all of the lives our business supports.  Our office and shop, which were completed in October 2011, are highly efficient and we hired local and regionally local contractors and suppliers for 100% of the construction.  Frankfort contractors compensated for about 80%, while the remaining 20% were from Lexington, Harrodsburg and Louisville, all within 45 miles of the jobsite.

Natural Resources:

  • Geothermal heating and cooling
  • Geothermal domestic hot water
  • Solar panels, 17,895 kW/76 panels (100% office energy usage)
  • Partial earth berm (keeps building at a constant temp)
  • Earth berm greenhouse in progress

Reclaimed materials:

  • Reclaimed/repurposed shelves
  • Metal kitchen cabinets
  • Chalkboards and cork boards
  • Some doors and other materials
  • Barn lumber for some trim
  • Reclaimed shelves in conference
  • Used/repurposed furniture
  • Stainless steel conference table top
  • Barn wood legs on conference table

Other sustainable features:

  • Vegetative/living roof
  • Hardi panel siding
  • Galvalume/metal roof
  • Drought tolerant and hardy plants
  • Permeable pavers, parking and some driveway
  • Radiant floor heating in shop
  • Pex tubing for plumbing
  • No wasted attic space
  • Plywood birch trim
  • Quality materials
  • 6” walls
  • Open cell spray foam insulation
  • Energy efficient lights, fans, and bulbs
  • ‘Sun low-e’ double pane windows
  • Foam & caulk in all crevices, beams, etc
  • Harmony (no VOC) interior paint
  • Duration (low VOC) exterior paint
  • Water based/Low VOC wood sealer
  • Rain gardens and some native plants
  • Certified Monarch Waystation
  • Reforested areas

We also offer the “2 Green Option”:

We strive to make minimal impact on the environment, and also want to help you achieve that common goal, which is why we offer the “2green” option for your landscape. Installing a sustainable landscape is a great start at helping the environment, and you can strengthen this impact by using less or no chemicals, organic fertilizers and supplements. The additional cost for this is very minimal. We do use organic mulch and soil amendments as a standard. In a further commitment to the environment in the everyday operations of Inside Out Design, LLC, we:

  • Run our business out of a sustainably and environmentally responsible constructed office.
  • Use energy efficient office equipment.
  • Run our website with a 100% renewable powered host.
  • Use water wisely. Water recycling, gathering, and water-reducing irrigation are common practices.
  • We reduce waste whenever possible, upcycle and recycle.
  • Reduce the waste of trees and paper by e-mailing estimates, invoices and other correspondence. (If you prefer to receive paper statements or correspondence, please let us know.)
  • Support local environmental groups and businesses.
  • Buy locally grown plant material, when possible.