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Beach House on the Golf Course

Their “beach house on the golf course,” this space provides plenty of sitting and relaxation room for the couple and their guests.  The garden is populated with low growing Scotch Moss, hosta, fern, and coreopsis in a simple, yet interesting planting scheme.  Scotch moss brightens the space and creates a very tranquil feel. Drainage was an issue with this backyard.  Before the work, rain would puddle in several areas of the yard and the downspouts had a chaotic look with splash blocks and many rocks.  The splash blocks and rocks were removed, the drains run underneath the concrete, and into the rain garden for a cleaner look. The rain garden contains ‘Ice Dance’ sedge, blue flag iris, and prairie dropseed.  The bare wall in the back is now a focal point with “Charlie,” the new 20+ year old weeping norway tree the couple named after Andrea’s dad.  Stepping stones create an inviting, natural walkway to the back patio and grill area with sedum kamtchaticum (sunny areas) and scotch moss (part shade areas) between the stones.  Off of the master bedroom, a supersized green container coordinates with the green in the bedroom, is centered on the door, and provides a focal point for that area of the garden.

Completed Spring 2013

Frankfort, KY


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