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Everything but the Kitchen Sink

One of the largest projects we’ve had, this massive engineered wall of Reading Rock Europa wall was quite the undertaking.  The double layer of walls stretch for 100’+ to provide a tiered landscape bed and prevent a steep slope to mow.  Steps and walls were also added to access the backyard from the driveway. Driveway medallions add interest to the concrete driveway design and marry a tan paver with brick to blend with the brick and stone on the home.  The natural stone walls were designed to extend the architecture of the home to the driveway and add depth to the landscape design.  These walls also help offset a snafu with the placement of the front door.  Plantings include both native and nonnative varieties that are simple and low maintenance as they provide color, interest and texture.

Completed Spring-Winter 2015

Frankfort, KY

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