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Fire and Water

A simple selection of plants in the front compliment this farm with classic plants, hydrangea, peony, phlox, catmint, sedge and evergreen accents. Landscape lighting highlights the architecture and plants at night. The real prize is the renovation completed several years later with a pool, fire pit, extended and renovated deck, sidewalk to the back, and much more! The saltwater pool was the driving factor in the design.  The pool includes a sun ledge, hidden pool equipment and an automated cover.  We worked with the existing stone retaining wall and added plantings in a circle shaped bed, which is completed on the other side by a semi-circle shaped sidewalk and steps.

The existing deck didn’t have access or visibility to the backyard and hills beyond, so we designed a strategically placed set of steps that wouldn’t impeded the beautiful view, plus extended the deck so that all views around the back of the house were emphasized. A garbage screen in white vinyl was added for storage and garbage/recycle bins to create a cleaner look at the driveway and garage area. The linear design of the house dictated the linear, simple and classic design of the pool and fire pit. The gas fire pit is easy to light and turn off, with no smoke and no mess. To break up the concrete, we installed a paver detail around the fire pit, stone sitting walls, and a paver detail between old concrete under the deck and new concrete around the swimming pool. All materials are in the gray family to be cohesive, but with some lighter and darker shades for contrast. We also selected all of the furniture for this project, from high back chairs around the fire pit, the dining table and chairs, lounge chairs, sun shelf tanning lounges, and more to complete the project.

Front Completed Fall 2017

Back Completed Summer 2019

Frankfort, KY



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