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Historic Danville

A weedy mess and worn out backyard became an oasis for this homeowner and her four dogs. The main design challenge was connecting the driveway to the back door via a path. The owner liked the idea an soft appearance of a pea gravel path and also needed a patio and green space for the dogs. Essentially one third of the small backyard became the patio with a circular detail in the middle of the design with a large cast stone container as the focal point. The patio is of clay brick pavers and provides ample entertaining, grilling, and lounging space. The plantings are reminiscent of a Savannah style courtyard, full of hostas, laurels, dogwoods, southern magnolias, boxwoods, azaleas, and many other perennials.  The design is simple and elegant in keeping with the historical architecture of the home. Danville, KY 2009

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