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Historic Eco Garden

Located on Wapping Street, this historic home had been utilized as a state office building.  The backyard was full of asphalt, and the new owners desired to have gardens and lawn.  The backyard was designed (color rendering in portfolio) and then demolished and installed by the homeowners.  A year later, the focus turned to the front for the Home and Garden Tour.  The front was full of an overgrown, leggy boxwood hedge, ivy and euonymus.  The space presented a new set of challenges, especially drainage.  The drainage was addressed by excavating 1-1.5′ at the base of the house, then adding a layer of landscape fabric, compacted dense grade (sloping away from the house), and top dressed with Class I sand for appearance.  In addition, the copper gutters were extended away from the house and all water directed to the rain garden located at the front of the garden.  The rain garden was excavated at over 3.5′ deep to accommodate the massive amounts of water from the large roof and backfilled with sand, topsoil, and compost.  Tennessee flagstone serves as an accent under each existing dogwood (little to no excavation was preformed to preserve the root structure of these trees).  Native and native cultivar, low growing, shade tolerant groundcovers were used between the stones and in the front part of the garden.  It is a very detailed project with complicated underlayment, yet the finished look is polished, clean, and simple.

Completed May 2012

Frankfort, KY

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