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Suburban Courtyard

The overgrown yard and post construction site left little to be desired. Ivy and euonymus battled it out with one another up the mature trees and over the ground. Existing drainage issues, poor soil, and the construction scars were in dire need of creative solutions. On the plus side, there were many mature trees anxiously waiting to provide shade and character to the space. A formal, Tuscany-ish courtyard with contrasting woodland surrounding was conceptualized. As the clock says on the wall “It’s 5 o’clock” somewhere – This patio is great for parties and family time with it’s large size, circular Oaks Romanesque paver details, and Oaks Colonnade pavers.  Drainage is an issue in this neighborhood and yard, so a rain garden was installed which helps to recharge the ground water supply and control erosion.  The formal shape and rounded top of the fountain provided the idea for the formal circle details in the pavers, which provide interest on a symmetrical axis for the entire lower patio.  To complete the formal pattern of the circles and craft the courtyard feel, the 8’ (at installation) columnar Sky Rocket Junipers were used as the backdrop in a semi circle pattern with a row of Sky Pencil Holly in the lower layer. Both of these very vertical plants created the walls of this space, and subsequently much needed privacy. Before the garden was installed the homeowners had little privacy as their backyard view was directly into their neighbor’s kitchen and garage. The circle details in the pavers are also offset by the random pattern pavers, which were laid at 45 degree angles to help tie in the new garage with the existing house.

The front renovation included removing several evergreens, roses and liriope and adding a Wildfire Black Gum and 3 American Hornbeam in fall 2018. Additional shrubs and perennials were added spring of 2019. Shamrock Inkberry Holly, Little Lime Hydrangeas, Degroot’s Spire Arborvitae, Venus Sweetshrub, Spicebush, native grasses and purplish perennials were among the newly added plants.

Back Completed Fall 2010

Front Completed Spring 2019

The Island, Lexington, KY

From the client: “Inside Out Design planned a beautiful courtyard and natural landscape including a rain garden for our home after a major remodeling project. We could not have been happier with the results. Our garden is so unique and beautiful while being easy to maintain due to the use of indigenous plants and landscaping materials. People who visit our home are in awe of our garden and say that you would never expect such a natural space in a suburban landscape. The rain garden is a wonderful addition which allowed us an environmentally friendly balance to our remodeling project which increased the area of our home’s roof and hardscape. The InsideOut Design team were professional, knowledgeable, artistic and incredibly visionary. They were also friendly, flexible and easy to work with as we had to maintain a reasonable budget for the project. We have worked with them in phases in order to achieve a hardscape and landscape that is strikingly beautiful, natural, environmentally sustainable and low maintenance while providing an air of seclusion in a suburban setting.

Woodland Oasis March/April 2019

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