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Which Front Door?

This house has three doors on the front and had a 3′ wide concrete walk leading to all three doors, which left out the definition of where one is supposed to enter the home. The Alberta spruce and concrete walk were removed to open up the front of the house. A 4′ wide paver walk was originally designed, but with budget, pea gravel did the trick and goes with the cottage feel of the design. The primary door is defined by a larger, more welcoming entry space, the secondary door is defined by a smaller entry space, while the third entry door is somewhat hidden in the design and has a narrower path of stepping stones going to it. Mowing a steep slope was also an issue, so a Mesa wall was constructed to bring the landscaping to grade, making the lawn less of a hassle.  The landscape beds were brought out from the house with a variety of purple and yellow blooms making the home more welcoming. Frankfort, KY Spring 2011

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