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We value all our clients opinions and appreciate them for choosing us for their landscape needs.

“We couldn’t be more pleased with our experience. The design team put together a project that truly matched what we’d envisioned for our property and they executed it. This team is professional from beginning to end. Even when challenges occurred during our projects, they worked to address those challenges. Their staff are courteous, conscientious and knowledgeable. They frequently go above and beyond in their service. We look forward to working with them in the future.”

Kerry L., Frankfort

“Superb professionals, great initiative, very pleased!”

Bennett C., Lexington

“Professional team, expertise, attention to detail, responsive to questions, dedicated to customer service. Highly recommend.”

Barney S., Frankfort

“I did not expect the yard to look as great as it turned out.  Most of the pictures I had seen were landscaping projects for businesses and for homes in more socio-economically privileged neighborhoods.  At its core, this was a project to make our home accessible for people with physical disabilities, and I really just didn’t want that to mean that I had an ugly front yard.  I also didn’t expect the staff to be so easy to work with.  Emails and requests for assistance were promptly returned.  We had a couple of plants that had to be replaced and a drainage issue that showed itself almost immediately and required correction, and those tasks were also done in an appropriate time frame.  I was surprised by how many people (even strangers!) would stop to tell us how wonderful our yard looked…The job was well-done and well-coordinated (by someone other than me), I know that the materials and plants are of good quality and will last, and the end result is a beautiful, cohesive front yard that achieved our goal AND is the envy of the neighbors.”

Diane G., Frankfort

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