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What’s the process?

Design is the single most important investment you will make for your outdoor space. We are educated and experienced in horticulture and design and will provide you with a plan to suit your site and needs. A well thought out design will easily save you the design cost in the long run and is the essential communication tool for installation. Designs we will install are $75/hr, Architecture fees for projects we will install are $85/hr; Design only jobs are on a selective basis and are $100-125/hr.

Our designs are founded in philosophies of what we call the 4 R’s – recollections, rejuvenation, resonance of home/surroundings, and relationship with nature.

  • Consultation

    Contact us to set up a consult appointment to begin planning your outdoor oasis. This is the first step to get the ball rolling. The best design and planning times are winter and summer. Allow enough time for your project to be properly planned and executed within your time frame. Consults are $50-$150+ depending on your location and will be fully credited to your design or install.

  • Design Contract and Cost

    The contract is a simple document recapping your wants and needs for the space discussed at the meeting or on your consult form. The design is charged at $75-100 per hour, depending on your needs. An average design ranges from 8-20 hours but varies due to size, complexity and details.

  • Design Process

    We mix your style with our expertise and carefully and thoughtfully complete measurements, site evaluation, pictures, design concepts, to-scale computer drawing(s), and plant, hardscape and other material selections. This typically takes 4-8 weeks.

  • Presentation

    You get to see the dream for your space on paper, pictures and/or samples of materials, and estimates to complete the work. Any necessary changes are made and once the plans are a go, the installation contract is signed and you are ready for installation!