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We love to help people like you create amazing spaces for their families and businesses. It’s true, a good outdoor space can make a difference and enrich your life. From family cookouts, to pool time, to watching pollinators and birds, to attracting clients to your business – your property deserves a sustainable, impactful transformation. And you deserve to enjoy it! That’s where we can help.

Inside Out Design, LLC is a  landscape and hardscape design-build firm which offers clients a high quality, unique perspective on their outdoor spaces. Started in 2007, with a lifetime of horticulture experience, Michael and Andrea Mueller had a vision of raising the bar for landscaping and outdoor spaces. The company is dedicated to bettering the lives of our clients, engaging fully in our community, and protecting the environment by creating sustainable, individualized outdoor spaces. We set ourselves apart from other landscape companies by offering design and quality driven services and products – education, experience and certifications make the difference.

For the more personal story:  The death of my dad has had a great impact on our lives since we both worked with him, but more importantly, loved and respected him immensely.  He instilled in us a love of horticulture, work ethic, and family.  Michael worked side by side with him for over nine years and I was a daddy’s girl.  I remember stocking shelves and pulling flats, and sweeping the floor of the garden center.  I began working for my dad as a professional right after I graduated college, and just four months later, he was tragically killed in a car accident.  From that moment on, our lives were never the same.   My dad taught us to love what we do and to be passionate about our work.  Long story short, we made best of what we had to deal with (after all, that’s all one can do), which is why our company was born and why we get to build the amazing spaces we do!

Like most small businesses, we started in our home in 2007.  We had a small corner of our bedroom (we lived in an 850 sq ft house), with one desk, a printer and a small file cabinet dedicated to the company.  We had planned to build offices in a barn on the property, but that was blown away by the tornado of 2007. It created a small setback, but in time, we added on to our house in 2009, and squeezed 3 desks, a plotter, a printer, and more file cabinets into a 13’x10′ space.  Our dining room was the conference room, and basically the entire main level was an office during the day, and a home at night.  We quickly outgrew that space (mentally and physically), and by March of 2011 had our offices under construction and moved during September 2011!  We are very appreciative of having a “real” office, which is beautiful and creative.  We love meeting customers here and showing them what we can do. It’s only a 2 minute walk from the house too! Truly the best of both worlds.


(Left) Charlie (Andrea’s dad) and Andrea in June 2003 at Michael and Andrea’s wedding. (Right) Mike and Andrea in 2010 by Hilly Photography.For more project updates, pictures, and gardening information, like us on Facebook.