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Michael specializes in all projects that do NOT require design, such as already designed commercial projects, drainage, maintenance for existing clients, concrete work, replacement of pavement in same layout as existing, and existing pavement replacement.

Andrea specializes in all projects which require design. We also have an on staff, AIA licensed, architect.

Below are some examples of jobs requiring design vs. jobs that do not.

Requires design:

  • I need an entire foundation or master plan for my property.
  • I have several areas or one large area that need plant replacements or improvements.
  • I want a complete outdoor space renovation in one or several areas of my landscape.
  • My property needs curb appeal.
  • I have drainage issues I plan to remedy with rain gardens or bioswales.

When you design and build a home, you give your architect and builder a budget. Your outdoor space is no exception! Check out our design & budgeting form to learn what a realistic budget for your project is. A realistic budget will get your project moving along more quickly by reducing the back and forth of redoing the design and estimates, and eliminating surprises in order to prioritize your needs and wants.

Does not require a design: 

  • I need a few plants replaced.
  • I would like a few single tree plantings.
  • My pavement is cracked and needs to be replaced, keeping the same layout.
  • My property has drainage issues.