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Andrea Wilson Mueller

Andrea Wilson Mueller is a native Frankfortian and 2003 magna cum laude graduate of the University Of Kentucky College Of Design with a Bachelors of Arts in Design. She was raised in the horticulture industry by her dad, who founded one of the largest nurseries in Kentucky. This is where she first realized her love of nature and went on to study, apprentice, and work in architecture, interior design, and landscape design. This experience makes her a well-rounded designer who can look at a project from all perspectives. You can find her gardening and design articles in FRANK. magazine monthly and previously in Kentucky Gardner magazine. She has a wealth of knowledge in sustainable landscape design, and is Certified in Sustainable Site Pavement Systems (permeable pavers) and is currently working to achieve a Permeable Design certificate. Andrea is also the first and only certified designer in Kentucky by the Association of Professional Landscape Designers. She and her family are working to reforest part of their land, grow an orchard, plant large swaths of native flowers for pollinators, raise hens, get rid of invasives, and much more on their 20 acres.  She also serves on the Chamber of Commerce Small Business Development Committee, Board Member of the T.R.E.E. Coalition, and served as Vice-President for Envision Franklin County from 2009-2013. She has donated numerous full scale landscape designs to local schools and non-profit community organizations to promote nature in education and improve the community, especially through outdoor classrooms.

She is responsible for designs, residential sales and estimating requiring design, marketing, business management, and just about everything in between in the office.

Andrea’s designs are founded in philosophies of what she calls the 4 R’s – recollections, rejuvenation, resonance of home/surrounding, relationship with nature. 

Recollections.  Every landscape has the opportunity to create beautiful moments and interactions between people, creating memories.  Well-designed gardens and outdoor spaces bring people together to create these memories.  The landscape can also call to mind meaningful moments or people from the past.  Whether it is the fragrance of your grandmother’s favorite flower, a flower you had at your first home, a tree you used to climb, an outdoor space conceptualized from somewhere you vacationed – the landscape has a powerful place in our minds.  These ideas and elements should be incorporated to give the garden a sense of meaning and also makes them unique whether in someone’s backyard or in a public garden.

Rejuvenation. Outdoor spaces are meant to be fun and relaxing.  A functional, well-designed space should provide a place to ponder life’s mysteries, forget life’s stress, discover realizations, build relationships (as mentioned above) and just be in nature.  Part of this is also creating spaces that are manageable for owners. 

Resonance of home/surrounding.  Your style, your favorite colors, your personality should be portrayed in your outdoor space.  The landscape and hardscape details should be an extension of the interior of your home.  It should become part of your home and flow seamlessly.   

Relationship with nature.  The most important of this is our relationship and connection with nature.  Nature always wins, so it is always best to work with the flow of the land, the weather, the water; providing food for humans, pollinators, and animals; and using materials and plants that will endure time. In today’s world of destruction, we can find many solutions one outdoor space at a time, every little bit really does count.