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Big Ass Japanese Garden

Having traveled to the Japanese garden of  Portland, Oregon, this homeowner knew exactly what he wanted.  He gave me the book entitled “Human Nature,” a book that describes the gardens in detail, at our first meeting.  I dove into the book and was able to travel there in my mind to conjure up images and ideas for the garden.  The Reflective Garden is a place where the homeowner can come at the end of the day and meditate and have solitude by raking patterns into the stones.  The Energetic Garden is full of living energy.  Symbolism is a major component of Japanese gardens, and this is garden is no exception.  The ripples in the raked stone represent water, the mounds in the Energetic Garden symbolize mountains and volcanoes, and certain stones are for the crane and tortoise symbolizing longevity in Japanese culture.  A small bubbler boulder water feature moves in the energetic garden.  Custom ordered granite aggregate was used for the majority of the garden. A custom artwork by Lexington’s own, Erika Stecker, sits and illuminates the garden at night.

Completed Fall 2011

West Moreland, Lexington, KY

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