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Extended Patio & Rain Garden

With an existing large screened in porch, these owners needed more outdoor living space, but the drainage was the first and foremost issue.  The water from the neighbors had poured over their land for years, eroding the topsoil, exposing the roots, and leaving a muddy backyard.  A water canal and rain garden was created to repair the problem.  The ash trees were declining, so they were removed, and the rain gardens were excavated 4′ to compensate for the mad rushes of water.  The two garden system allows one rain garden to fill, and to over flow into the next rain garden.  The homeowner saw the fix immediately, even before the plants were established.  The roots of the plants in rain gardens help to soak in the water slowly and direct it back to the ground water supply instead of creating erosion and other drainage issues.  Rain gardens are a healthy way to deal with your roof, driveway and other water runoff on site and also create butterfly and bird habitats.  The Oaks paver patio was constructed with a curved from shape and accommodates the rain garden on both sides.  It creates additional living space, as well as function for this backyard.  Lansdowne/Shadelane, Lexington, KY Spring 2009

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