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Lafayette Drive Hill Donated Landscape

Two or three times a year a special project comes along that will enhance the beauty of our community.  With the equestrian games arriving in central Kentucky in 2010, the Frankfort Beautification Committee had several areas of town which needed a makeover.  We jumped right in for donating this landscape, as it is a welcoming point to the capitol building and to downtown Frankfort.  A Kentucky inspired garden came to mind, which would include Kentucky plants and attract Kentucky wildlife.  The tulip poplar tree is the Kentucky state tree, the goldenrod is the Kentucky state flower, and the other plants would attract the state bird, the Cardinal, and also provide nesting and shelter.  By using mostly native material, the plants would be well suited for the site and conditions.  With no nearby water, the plants selected also had to be drought tolerant. Frankfort, KY Spring 2010

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